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The third episode of Big Break Myrtle Beach brought us the famous “flop wall” and  concluded with a elimination challenge that brought drama and heartache.

The flop wall is a Big Break mainstay and was the first immunity challenge for the day.

Clearing the 10-foot flop wall didn’t pose much difficulty to the contestants, with Dave failing to do it. However putting the ball inside the circle surrounding the hole proved a much more daunting task. Of the 11 participants remaining, Tessa was the only contestant to put the ball close and earn 10 points, which won her immunity and a little extra cash. Carolin, Katy H. and Charlie also gained immunity after the flop wall challenge.

Seven contestants were left in the second stage of the immunity challenge, which required players to hit an 8 iron from any distance beyond 90 yards. Players hit two shots in the challenge. After the second shot, the player with the longest combined distance from the hole was sent to the elimination challenge. No one really posed a threat to anything spectacular. Toph hit two poor shots, sending him to elimination and was forced to decide between playing Jimmy, Dave or Katie D. Stating “He didn’t want to play his brothers” he choose the only female contestant, Katie D.

The elimination challenge took place on the 14th hole of our Fazio Course comprised of four different challenge locations. After the first three locations, Toph and Katie were even and the final part of the challenge was to play the hole from tee to green. Toph hit first, blocked his drive way right, and ultimately had to take a penalty stroke. Katie who was in the middle of the fairway was almost guaranteed a win. Toph’s proceeded to hit his third shot into a greenside bunker. Katie D. followed by hitting her approach well past the hole. She only needed two putts for par, while Toph had to hole out for par from the bunker. Toph hit a great bunker shot leaving him a tap in for bogey. Katie D., left  her first putt short and left herself with an 8-foot putt to win, but pushed it right. They headed back to the 14th tee for a sudden death playoff.

Both players put there tee shots in the fairway. Toph’s hit his approach shot first and ended up just short of the green. Katie was left with 92 yards to the flag for her approach but pulled it left into the greenside bunker. Toph nearly chipped in for birdie and tapped in for par. Katie knew she had to get up and down just to tie. A decent bunker shot left her a 7-foot putt. She grazed the hole before rolling by, leaving her Big Break experience come to a bitter end.

big break myrtle beach - Season # 22

Katie D.- 2nd contestant to be eliminated from Big Break Myrtle Beach

Katie D. talks elimination

“Hot Shots” Episode 3

Full Episode 3 (Commercial Free)

Nine more people are left….

Be on the watch for a sneak peak of Episode 4.

Photo Credits: Mark Ashman / Golf Channel

Video Credits: Golf Channel

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Big Break Myrtle Beach Experience

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Join fellow fans of Big Break from around the country in Myrtle Beach this December 14-17, 2014.

You’ll play the same courses, participate in exciting golf challenges, and enjoy an unforgettable golf getaway like no other!

The competition begins with a Best Ball format on Monday, and a Texas Scramble on Tuesday, with prizes awarded to the top two-person teams. The “Big Break” style challenges will test your skills on the course Tuesday, and is another opportunity to win more prizes.

Your golf trip’s price depends on whether you need accommodations, and if it is for just yourself, or double occupancy. Here are two options for individuals, and another for twosomes:

$200 – A single golfer, with no accommodations built in

$405 – A single golfer, with private room at The Marina Inn

$300 per person – Two golfers, sharing a room (double occupancy) at the Marina Inn

 big break myrtle beach - Season # 22


Schedule of events:*

Sunday, Dec. 14

Check in at Marina Inn Grande Dunes (if purchased)
6pm Welcome Party

Monday Dec. 15

9am – Warm ups
10am – Shotgun start – Best Ball
(Barefoot Course or Pawleys Plantation – TBD)
6pm VIP Dinner (location TBD)

Tuesday, Dec. 16

9am Big Break Challenge
10am – Shotgun Start – Texas Scramble
(Barefoot Course or Pawleys Plantation – TBD)
6pm VIP Dinner (location TBD)

* The Schedule is subject to change as needed, depending upon several factors including, but not limited to, the number of participants.


Credits: Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday


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Breakfast was served at 5:24 a.m. and was greeted with a letter to Charlie, who won Super Immunity in the episode. The letter commended Charlie on winning the challenge and let him know that if he advances to the final four of the competition without using the super immunity, he will pocket what’s in the Macanudo box.

Charlie opened the box, to the site of $10,000 in cash! “There is 10 grand with his name on it,” said Dave. Toph added by saying “People were going to be gunning for Charlie!” Charlie birdied both holes of last week’s challenge and has distanced himself as one of the show’s best players.

After a morning range session at the Dye Course’s driving range, they jump right into the next immunity challenge which starts on the 13th hole of our Fazio Course, which has two greens. The challenge utilized both greens and gave the players a decision as to what green they wanted to play to. The twist to the challenge is that players had to make their decision of which green to choose, without knowing how close their fellow competitors were. The two shots closest to the pin on each hole earned immunity, were guaranteed a spot on next week’s show. The player closest to the pin for the entire challenge pocketed $2,500, courtesy of Macanudo Cigars.

“The competition becomes very real for these contestants because somebody will be going home at the end of the show,” host Tom Abbott said.

The hole location to the hole’s left green was 115 yards and required a carry over a waste area. The hole’s right green hole location was 110 yards straightaway. Only five contestants played to the left green’s hole location. Dave’s ball was 5’ 9” from the cup and Tessa’s was 6’3” which earned both of them immunity. Toph and Carolin both advanced from the right green’s hole location.

The eight players who were facing elimination headed to the practice area in preparation for the second challenge. The second round moved to the 17th hole on our Fazio Course, giving another four players a chance to earn immunity with a chipping and putting challenge. The four players closest to the hole advanced. The player furthest from the hole was sent to the elimination challenge. Players had to choose between a chip from a few yards off the front portion of the green, or and a severely downhill putt from the back of the green. Each player received only one shot. Everyone avoided the treacherous putt and opted to chip. Jimmy, Katy H., Christian and Emily earned immunity. Krista was the furthest from the hole at 5’6”. She was required to choose who she wanted to face in the elimination challenge – Katie D, Christian or Anthony. Of course she chose Anthony, who told her on the range, “Don’t pick me, I’m going to beat you.” Anthony’s fellow contestants aren’t very fond of his arrogance and got a chance to see if he could walk the walk.

They proceeded to the third and fourth holes on the Fazio Course for the first elimination challenge. It was an accumulative stroke play challenge with the player with highest stroke total, was sent packing. Starting on the par 3 third hole, Anthony teed off first – “They don’t want to see me win. They all want to see the cute little girl win,” he says. Abbott cautioned that the wind had picked up, but Anthony stuck one to 8 feet. Krista failed to respond, hitting her ball long, just over the green. Krista raced her first putt by the hole and was still out. Her par putt caught a piece of the hole but lipped out. She tapped in for bogey. “Her putter is as cold as the Baltic winter,” the witty Abbott said of the Latvian. Anthony drained his birdie to take a two shot lead heading into the second and final hole of the elimination challenge.

fazio5With a two-stroke cushion, Anthony played conservative off the reachable par 5 but sliced his tee shot, which was seen bouncing on the cart path hitting a fence and finally coming to rest on the cart path. Krista, played from 450 yards, which made the hole easily reachable, putting her drive right down the middle of the fairway. With rain beginning to fall, Anthony took relief from the path and hit a low bullet that ran up onto the green from 241 yards out. Krista, in perfect position to attack from 213 yards out, flat out topped the ball. Her third shot found the back left portion of the green, leaving her with a difficult birdie putt. Anthony needed only two putts for consecutive birdies and eliminated the first contestant of Big Break Myrtle Beach.

big break myrtle beach - Season # 22

Kritsa- 1st contestant to be eliminated from Big Break Myrtle Beach

Krista talks elimination

“Hot Shots” Episode 2

Full Episode 2 (Commercial Free)

Ten more people are left who will also suffer the same defeat as Krista.

Be on the watch for a sneak peak of episode 3.

Photo Credits: Mark Ashman / Golf Channel

Video Credits: Golf Channel

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big break myrtle beach - Season # 22

The premier episode opens with all 12 contestants cruising down the Intracoastal Waterway on a rather large boat, arriving at the Marina Inn Grande Dunes, the show’s lodgings property.

 Players were met with a frozen cocktail, followed by a startle by a television turning on close by. On screen appears the infamous Travelocity Roaming Gnome. He explains to the cast the format and leaves the contestants with 12 golf balls of various colors to choose from, to define the challenge for the next day. Travelocity’s Roaming Gnome also divulges that contestants will be playing as individuals, not teams. As they finish their beverages the take a stroll down the dock only to find their Big Break professional bags.

big break myrtle beach - Season # 22

Early the next morning (way before the first tee time of the morning) everyone is enjoying breakfast. Toph Peterson opens and reads a letter that informs players that anyone who has the same color ball will be their opponent in the first challenge. This was a twist to the common perception that everyone who had the same colored balls would be teammates. Contestants proceeded to the Dye Club’s Driving Range to warm up for the legendary glass break challenge as their first challenge.

Viewers were greeted next by this year’s hosts; Tom Abbott and Paige Mackenzie. They inform the players they are competing for more than $180,000 in cash and prizes and an exemption into the 2015 Valspar Championship (MEN) or the 2015 Portland Classic (WOMEN) for the winner. Abbott reveals the first challenge victor will win Super Immunity, which enables them a one-time out in an elimination challenge. In the opening stage, the two players in each grouping that break their glass the fastest advance and the slowest is eliminated.

Inside the Glass Break Challenge


big break myrtle beach - Season # 22

Group 1: Carolin(1) Tessa(2) Katy H(Eliminated) 

On her first shot, Carolin, an Austrian who has arrived on the show via University of Central Florida, breaks the glass, leaving Tessa and Katy to duke it out. Tessa is the first to break the glass. Tessa and Carolin exchange high fives and Tessa states “The sound of breaking glass the best she has ever heard!”

Group 2: Charlie(1) Jimmy(2) Christian(Eliminated)

Charlie reveals he is quite the confident player and affirms his accusation by being the first to break the glass, followed quickly by Jimmy, eliminating Christian from the 2nd group.

Group 3: Krista(1) Katie D.(2) Emily(Eliminated) 

This pairing struggled out of the gates before Krista broke the glass pane. Emily was next seen banging the ball off the frame three times before Katie finally breaks through and edges out Emily.

Group 4: Toph(2) Dave(1) Anthony(Eliminated)

Dave is the first to break the glass, securing his spot into the second stage of the day’s challenges. Toph follows soon after. Confident, even sometimes to the point arrogant, Anthony declares himself a good guy off the course and overconfident on it, hinting that the outcomes of the glass break elimination had no effect on him.

big break myrtle beach - Season # 22

The episode progresses to the second stage of the super immunity challenge. This challenge puts players behind a tree on the 17th hole on our Barefoot Resort’s Fazio Course. The eight remaining contestants get two shots, with the four closest advancing.

Dave, Tessa and Carolin without harm, punch the ball back into the fairway. Jimmy steps up next to the shot and is the first player to attempt a daring shot through a small opening in the trees. Jimmy who confesses before he hits his shot “My dad would kick his butt for attempting the shot” (His dad caddies for him on tour). He pulls the ball a bit but finds a way through the trees landing in the rough just shy of the green. Charlie, Toph, Katie D. and Krista chip out safely, setting themselves up for their second shot. All eight players were in good shape, turning it into a “wedge-off”. Tessa, Charlie, Dave and Carolin hit within 5-feet-5 and advance to the final stage. The “worst” shot was 11 feet 8 inches from the pin.

The third and final stage of the Super Immunity Challenge concluded on the sixth and seventh holes of our Fazio Course. Since Tessa won the last challenge with a mark of 13 inches, she gets to choose her opponent in a one-hole match. That left the other two too face off, with the winners of each match advancing to the seventh hole where the super immunity challenge would be determined.
Tessa chooses Carolin, leaving Charlie and Dave in the other semifinal.

Fazio #7 HRThe sixth hole on the Fazio Course is a beautiful, par 3 over water, that plays slightly downhill. Tessa teed off first and left herself a 20-footer for birdie. Carolin proceeded to hit it in the greenside bunker, short of the green. Carolin blasts out of the bunker to 8-10 feet remaining for her par. Tessa, who was slightly long of the pin, rolled her birdie putt short and went on tap in for par. Carolin was left with a testy par putt to extend the match but misses on the low side leaving Tessa advancing to the finals. Next up was Dave and Charlie. Both players hit the green with Charlie having an advantage of hitting his shot to 12 feet. Dave had a putt of roughly 35 feet and left it well short. Charlie did what he had to do and saved his par, but Charlie confidently rolls in his birdie putt stating he once made a putt of similar statute to win a mini tour event, which helped his confidence preparing him to make his putt. Charlie and Tessa were left to compete for the title of having “Super Immunity”.

Fazio #7 HRThey arrive to the seventh hole of the Fazio Course. It is a par 5 that is plays 513 yards for Charlie and 452 for Tessa. Charlie bombs his drive, with the benefit of the cart path, more than 300 yards (With a 3-wood nonetheless), while Tessa playes down the right hand side, ending up in the short rough just short of the cart path. Tessa, anticipating Charlie will reach the green in two, shoots for the green but pulls her it into a greenside bunker. Charlie misses the green to the right, just of the green pin high.

Tessa blasted out of the sand, leaving herself with a long birdie putt.

Turning Point of Episode 1

Charlie chipped up to 3 feet. Tessa’s birdie putt came up short and allowed Charlie roll in his putt for birdie, to win the first challenge of Big Break Myrtle Beach.

big break myrtle beach - Season # 22

Charlie- “Super Immunity” Winner.

Be on the watch for a sneak peak of Episode 2.

Hot Shots from Episode 1.

Photo Credits: Mark Ashman / Golf Channel

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Big Break Myrtle Beach: Meet the Cast

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big break myrtle beach - Season # 22

Golf Channel’s Big Break franchise has selected Myrtle Beach to host the 22nd edition of the series, which will begin airing on Tuesday, October 7 at 9 p.m. Twelve aspiring young professionals – six men, six women – will compete on four Myrtle Beach golf courses in hopes of winning Big Break, and, along with it, an opportunity that could launch them onto the game’s biggest stages. Four of the best courses in Myrtle Beach and America, for that matter, will host the event.


big break myrtle beach - Season # 22Jimmy Brandt (31, Auburn, Ala.)

Competing full time on the mini tour circuit, Brandt accumulated six victories and 16 top-10 finishes on the Hopkins Tour in 2012 and 2013. Brandt earned conditional status on the Tour in 2011 and 2012 via PGA TOUR Q School, and is looking to return to golf’s biggest stages. His father, who introduced him to the game, also is his full-time caddie.

big break myrtle beach - Season # 22Katie Detlefsen (25, Eagan, Minn.)

One of the top female junior golfers to come out of Minnesota and a recipient of the prestigious Dinah Shore Award in 2010, Detlefsen has been an LPGA Class A Teaching Professional since graduating from the University of Central Florida in 2011. A college teammate of fellow Big Break Myrtle Beach competitor Carolin Pinegger, Detlefsen is utilizing her teaching skills she has utilized over the past three years in pursuing her dream of competing on the LPGA Tour. Detlefsen also was a recipient of the prestigious Dinah Shore Award in 2010, an award given annually to a female collegiate golfer who excels in academics and athletics, while also demonstrating outstanding leadership skills and community service.

big break myrtle beach - Season # 22Katy Harris (35, Humble, Texas)

A top amateur golfer and All-American at Louisiana State University, Harris hung up her golf clubs following graduation in 2001 due to a hand injury. Nine years later, in 2010, Harris decided to give professional golf another try. Since returning to competitive golf, Harris qualified for the U.S. Women’s Open three consecutive years (2011-13), recorded victories on the Cactus Tour, CN Canadian Women’s Tour and the Symetra Tour and earned conditional status on the LPGA Tour for the 2014 season.

big break myrtle beach - Season # 22Charlie Harrison (23, Atlanta, Ga.)
A graduate from Wake Forest University in 2013, Harrison is currently competing on PGA TOUR Latinoamerica and the mini tour circuit. He recorded his first victory as a professional in 2013 on the Open Atlanta Golf Tour.

big break myrtle beach - Season # 22Christian Heavens (25, Orlando, Fla. / East St. Louis, Ill)
An alumnus of the First Tee of Greater St. Louis, Heavens credits golf for saving his life and as an avenue that helped him escape from the pressures of the streets of East St. Louis. A graduate of Georgetown College in Kentucky where he competed on a First Tee Scholars scholarship, Heavens currently is competing on the mini tour circuit and the Florida Professional Golf Tour.

big break myrtle beach - Season # 22Dave Markle (29, Shelburne, Ontario, Canada)
One of the top amateur golfers from Canada (12th ranked amateur in the world in the R&A World Amateur Golf Rankins in 2008), Markle is competing on PGA TOUR Canada and the mini tour circuit. Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2011, Markle is an ambassador for the Canadian Diabetes Association, helping raise awareness and funds for Diabetes research.

big break myrtle beach - Season # 22Toph Peterson (28, Gilbert, Ariz. / Logan, Utah)
A graduate from Utah State University, Peterson is giving professional golf another push after stepping away from the game to start up a designer walking bag company. He currently is competing full time on various mini tours.

big break myrtle beach - Season # 22Carolin Pinegger (23, Orlando, Fla. / Schladming, Austria)
One of the more decorated junior golfers out of Austria, Pinegger moved to the United States at age 16 and played college golf at the University of Central Florida (where she was a teammate of fellow Big Break Myrtle Beach competitor Katie Detlefsen). She turned professional following graduation in 2013 and is competing full time on the Symetra Tour.

big break myrtle beach - Season # 22Krista Puisite (23, Austin, Texas / Riga, Latvia)
A decorated junior golfer from Latvia where she was a member of the Latvian Junior National Team, Puisite turned professional in early 2014 after graduating from Texas State University. She is competing on the mini tour circuit and the Symetra Tour.

big break myrtle beach - Season # 22Anthony Quezada (19, Phoenix, Ariz.)
One of the youngest competitors in Big Break series history at age 19, Quezada turned professional in 2013 to achieve his dream of competing on the PGA TOUR. An alumnus of The First Tee of Phoenix, Quezada recorded 33 victories with the Junior Golf Association of Arizona circuit. He, along with fellow Big Break Myrtle Beach competitor David Markle, has Type I Diabetes, and wants to use golf as a platform to spread awareness for Diabetes research.

big break myrtle beach - Season # 22Tessa Teachman (24, Baton Rouge, La.)
Currently a member of the Ladies European Tour, Teachman is playing competitive golf in good health for the first time since college at Louisiana State University, where she finished third individually at the 2012 NCAA Division I Women’s Golf Championships as a senior. Following graduation in 2012, she underwent wrist surgery to repair multiple torn tendons in her right wrist – an injury that plagued her throughout college. Following rehabilitation, earned status on the Ladies European Tour in late 2013 and is playing a full schedule on the LET and the mini tour circuit in the United States in 2014.

big break myrtle beach - Season # 22Emily Tubert (22, Burbank, Calif.)
A three-time All-American at the University of Arkansas, Tubert is competing on Big Break Myrtle Beach fresh off of graduating from college in May. While she might be one of the younger competitors on the series, on paper she is one of the favorites. Her resume includes winning the 2010 U.S. Women’s Amateur Public Links Championship, a member of the 2012 U.S. Curtis Cup Team, a three-time All-American at the University of Arkansas and was a participant in the 2013 U.S. Women’s Open as an amateur. Earlier this year, she was the recipient of the prestigious Dinah Shore Award, an award given annually to a female collegiate golfer who excels in academics and athletics, while also demonstrating outstanding leadership skills and community service.

Photo Credit:

Mark Ashman / Golf Channel


Golf Channel

Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday

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Big Break Comes to Myrtle Beach

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The Golf Channel’s hit reality TV show “Big Break” just finished shooting the 22nd season, which will be dubbed; “Big Break Myrtle Beach”. Barefoot Resort & Golf are honored to have hosted the event on The Dye Course, Love and Fazio courses. The show also traveled to the Lowcountry in at least one episode that was shot at Pawleys Plantation.
“The entire Grand Strand is going to benefit from this in the future once the show runs,” Barefoot Resort & Golf’s  general manager Dave Genevro said. “All the properties and resorts they’ve gone to in the past are great destinations, and they came here so we’re going to be associated with a great destination.”
“Big Break” has often been shot at locations that were easily closed to the public. Despite the inherent difficulties of filming at public courses in a resort destination,” Golf Channel’s vice president of original productions and a “Big Break” creator and executive producer Jeff Kossoff stated. “This was unquestionably one of our smoothest seasons. I think we were able to do it pretty seamlessly. We had a facility with multiple golf courses and a ton of space for our staff and production. Logistically it was wonderful.”
The Golf Channel ultimately deemed the Barefoot Resort & Golf as the ‘perfect fit’ because of our central location, infrastructure, quality of product and our history with the Golf Channel. In the early 200’s we played host on several occasions to Canadian Tour events and highlight shows of the annual Hootie & the Blowfish Monday After the Masters Celebrity Pro-Am, which were both filmed and broadcasted by the Golf Channel.
The Marina Inn at Grande Dunes accommodated the entire cast and crew, our very own Dye clubhouse served as the production headquarters, and the Greg Norman Champions Academy located at the Barefoot Resort driving range played host the crew and participants.
Several Myrtle Beach attractions will be featured either on the TV show or in web content. Attractions and activities visited by the competitors included; Little River deep sea fishing charter, the SkyWheel, Sharkey’s Beach Bar, a helicopter tour, a Dolphin Adventure cruise, jet skiing, a tour of the New South Brewery, Cinzia Spa at North Beach Plantation, Broadway Grand Prix go-kart racing, and a Myrtle Beach Pelicans baseball game. Competitors that were eliminated also had opportunities to play at several area courses.
“It’s a tremendous opportunity for us to showcase the destination,” said Bill Golden, president of marketing cooperative Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday. “It’s a reality competition show, but it allows us the opportunity to provide a showcase of the destination within the content of the show and within the story lines of the show.”
Golf Channel became a division of NBC and the NBC Sports Group three years ago, and Golden expects promotions for “Big Break Myrtle Beach” to appear on multiple NBC Sports Group channels, including on NBC coverage of the Ryder Cup in late September.
“This show will be promoted through their family of networks, which is a great platform for us to be on that we couldn’t necessarily purchase individually,” Golden said.
A production crew of more than 90 people, not including the cast, included cameramen, audio technicians, prop builders, set builders, makeup artists, etc.
“We’ve been wanting to get there for awhile,” Kossoff said. “We knew the courses there are fantastic and it was just a matter of time. I’m glad it finally worked out.”
Screening of the cast began with nearly 3,000 applications. The shows cast will be comprised of six men and six women “The golf was terrific and their story lines played out the way we hoped they would. I think we’ve got a real good series on our hands,” Kossoff indicated.
The winner will receive more than $100,000 in cash and prizes, which includes at least one exemption into an upper-echelon tour event. Prior “Big Break” champions have won tournament exemptions into PGA Tour, Champions Tour, European Tour, LPGA Tour and Tour events. Several past “Big Break” competitors have gone on to have successful careers. They include PGA Tour winners Matt Every and Tommy “Two Gloves” Gainey of Bishopville, and LPGA members and Solheim Cup competitors Gerina Piller, Ryann O’Toole and Kristy McPherson of Conway, who competed on “Big Break VI Trump National” in 2006.
Joining long-time host Tom Abbott as co-host for Big Break Myrtle Beach will be Golf Channel analyst and LPGA Tour professional Paige Mackenzie.  A seven-year veteran of the LPGA Tour who also currently serves as co-host for Morning Drive, Mackenzie will provide analysis from a player’s perspective throughout the series, detailing the pressure the competitors will face with each challenge.
The upcoming “Big Break Myrtle Beach” is set to air for 11 consecutive weeks from Oct. 7 through Dec. 16, and will air at 9 p.m. Tuesdays.
A one-hour Golf Channel special on Sept. 17 will introduce the cast and will re-air several times before the premiere episode. Network executives are considering revealing the cast during the Myrtle Beach World Amateur Handicap Championship on the Grand Strand from Aug. 25-29 during the week’s festivities.
Read the official ‘Big Break’ Myrtle Beach press release here
Golf Channel
NBC Sports Group
Alan Blondin
Photo credit: Mark Ashman / Golf Channel
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Golf Magazine’s Top 100 list for 2014

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The September issue of Golf Magazine just hit the stands which includes there “Top 100 Courses You Can Play” list. Golf Magazine’s biennial list of America’s “Top 100 You Can Play,” is a ranking of the best public-access courses in America. The Love Course at Barefoot Resort & Golf was once again ranked, moving up one spot to #85.


“When Barefoot initially opened its fairways, some skeptics wondered if Davis Love III would be capable of crafting a course that was equal to more highly regarded architects Pete Dye, Tom Fazio and Greg Norman, who also designed courses at Barefoot. Turns out Love bettered most of America with his work at Barefoot. With its generous landing areas, creative layout, and Donald Ross-inspired greens complexes, the Love Course is among the area’s most popular and playable layouts. The faux ruins of an old plantation home anchor the fourth through sixth holes and provide the take home memories for many players”Chris King, Editor for Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday


top_100_Play 1Three other area golf courses were herald with the distinction of being named in the biennial “Top 100” list. Caledonia Golf & Fish Club (#27), The Dunes Club (#47) and True Blue (#77) a newcomer to the list. Caledonia is a Mike Strantz design, routed along a stunning piece of property. Strantz carved a masterpiece between soaring live oak trees draped in Spanish moss and alligator-filled, lowcountry water that used to feed thriving rice plantations. Caledonia’s finishing hole is the area’s most recognizable. The 18th plays over water to a green that rests in the shadow of an antebellum style clubhouse, where golfers gather to watch fellow players finish. The Dunes Club is a Robert Trent Jones Sr. masterpiece. If you are a fan of classic architecture, smooth, fast greens, and a daunting challenge, The Dunes Club is a must play.  The layout recently hosted the 2014 PGA Professional National Championship.  True Blue, also a Strantz design and located adjacent to Caledonia, is a newcomer to the list. Golf Magazine said of True Blue, “Hole to hole, the variety is astounding. The course is mostly open, with beauty and menace mingling with lakes, marshland and plenty of scrub-filled natural sandy areas … Rarely has golf architecture had a shaper as artful as Strantz. The full measure of his formidable skill is on display at True Blue.”





A popular golf package among the people who flock to Myrtle Beach each year.
Combine two rounds at Barefoot Resort Norman, Love, Fazio or Dye with True Blue and Caledonia and you have a dream golf vacation of 4 Major Courses in Myrtle Beach.

Click here to learn more.



Myrtle Beach the “Golf Capitol of the World,” continually produces some of the nation’s best golf courses. The destination has been renowned for offering some of the game’s best value, being herald at the “Best Golfing Destination” by USA TODAY /


Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday

Golf Magazine


Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday

Chris King

Golf Magazine

Larry Lambrecht

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1st Team Barefoot Junior Golf Team

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It is with great pleasure we announce to you our first ever Junior Golf Team here at Barefoot! With the school year drawing to a close and summer right around the corner, we are extremely excited to offer such a great opportunity to the youth within our community.

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