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Member Associations

Our Membership here at Barefoot Resort is among some of the most active memberships in Myrtle Beach and along the Grand Strand. With over 1,800 active memberships and growing its evident why Barefoot Resort is one of the most sought after golf communities along the East Coast.


BLGA- Barefoot Ladies Golf Association


The mission of the Barefoot Ladies Golf Association is to strengthen the female golfing community at Barefoot Resort & Golf by promoting fellowship and sportsmanship and providing golfing events, instruction and support to its members.


•  To inform and encourage members to participate in golfing events at Barefoot Resort & Golf and various competitive tournaments throughout the state of SC.

•  To educate members on golf etiquette and USGA rules.

•  To recognize members who have made special achievements in golf.

•  To organize golf tournaments and plan social events for members.

•  To facilitate communication with the management of Barefoot Resort & Golf regarding decisions for golf and social events.

Good Guys Golf Group

The Good Guys Golf Group is designed to bring together the best players in the area where no one will be questioning any hcp and or results. Since its introduction in March 2011, the Good Guys Golf Group has grown from 16 to 60 potential players with handicap indexes rating from 2 to 16. These events  take place on the Norman, Love, Fazio or Dye Club golf courses on Wednesdays.