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Asking golfers if they would like more distance on their drives is like asking a tennis players if they want faster serves. The answer is always yes. Although I would much rather see my students practice their putting and chipping, they all come to me with the notion that they need to hit it longer. Here's some ways you can achieve more distance off the tee.



They say ...Practice makes perfect, and the more you practice your putting, the better you should become at it.  The other saying that rings true is, "Drive for show and putt for dough".

You may get the ego boost of being a long hitter, but at the end of the day, it's those eighteen greens that you putt on that will have a bigger impact on your scorecard than those ten tee boxes that you were able to launch monster drives from.



After getting a new set of Callaway X Forged Irons with flighted shafts I've noticed that I am hitting the ball a lot higher.  This has put me in situations in green side bunkers that I never used to experience: "The Buried Lie."



Being prepared is the best advice anybody can give when playing in cold weather. Consider wearing thermal underwear, a turtleneck, and loose a fitting sweater or personally, I like to wear a sweater vest. The sweater vest helps me swing a little more freely.


Two Drills to help improve your distance control when putting

Right Hand Only Drills

The right hand only drills are wonderful ways to achieve distance control on long lag putts. Because your right hand and fingers play such an important role in how you feel distance, this drill is a great way to develop touch.


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